CDC Disaster Shelter Assessment

Bunk room for an emergency shelter set up during Hurricane Irma in 2017—Cots are set up in neat, organized rows with blankets and pillows laying on top. A few cots have individuals’ personal items tucked neatly below.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has developed the Environmental Health Assessment Form for Disaster Shelters to assist environmental health practitioners in conducting a rapid assessment of shelter conditions during emergencies and disasters. The tool is an assessment form that covers 10 general areas of environmental health, ranging from basic food safety and water quality to pet (companion animal) wellness, and allows for the documentation of immediate needs in shelters. Users can easily modify the tool to meet local needs.

For those interested in an Epi Info or Survey123 version of the Environmental Health Assessment Form for Disaster Shelters, please contact

Page last reviewed: March 31, 2020