COCA Newsletters

COCA offers a free email subscription service for clinicians. This service is how CDC rapidly disseminates important information to the healthcare community. COCA provides subscribers information on current health issues and emerging threats.

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COCA Digest: Provides new CDC and COCA resources and important information for clinicians during public health emergencies and disasters monthly.

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COCA Now: Informs clinicians on new CDC resources and guidance related to emergency preparedness and response immediately after CDC publishes new content, ensuring clinicians are kept up to date.

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Clinical Action: Provides specific, immediate actions clinicians should take. The newsletter contains comprehensive CDC guidance so clinicians can easily follow recommended actions.

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COCA Learn: Provides information on the latest clinician-focused training opportunities offered by CDC or by COCA’s partner organizations.

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COCA Call: Announces COCA Calls and provides all information subscribers need to participate in a COCA Call.

Thank you for supporting COCA! Be sure to encourage your colleagues to subscribe to COCA emails to keep up with COCA’s exciting changes!

Page last reviewed: August 23, 2018