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Anyone who may need to communicate to the public during a crisis or emergency can benefit from taking the Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication (CERC) training. CERC trainings are based on lessons learned during public health emergencies, evidence-based practices from the fields of risk and crisis communication, and psychology. The CERC program offers online and in-person trainings.

Crisis & Emergency Risk Communication Webinars

Introduction to Crisis & Emergency Risk Communication (CERC)
CDC’s Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication (CERC) webinars help emergency responders and health communication professionals learn more about CERC principles so that they can communicate more effectively during emergencies.
The Psychology of a Crisis
CDC’s CERC webinar on the Psychology of a Crisis addresses how people process information differently during a crisis. We’ll examine the psychological barriers to communication that tend to emerge in crises, factors that impact perception of risk, and how to build trust to communicate more effectively.
thumbnail image of cerc course: Messages and Audiences
Messages and Audiences
CDC’s CERC webinar on Messages and Audiences provides guidance on how to understand your audiences in an emergency, adapt messaging to reach and promote action in different audience segments, and how to use facts to build credibility and trust. (Check back soon for information on how to join the webinar).

In-Person CERC Training

The CERC program coordinates in-person trainings facilitated by CDC CERC trainers for a sponsoring organization or group at their location. A CERC training typically lasts one full business day, covering three core modules and two additional modules selected by the sponsor (core and additional modules are listed below). A presentation of the core concepts of CERC can be given in less time.

Please note: The requesting organization is responsible for all costs related to travel and logistics for the CERC trainer(s) coming to their location. Federal funds, including grants and cooperative agreements, cannot be used for these expenses. If you are interested in holding an in-person training, please email

CERC Online Training

This CERC training covers all crucial aspects from the CERC manual.
Last updated 2014