Manual and Tools

The right message at the right time from the right person can save lives. The CERC Manual describes core emergency and crisis communication principles and how they apply to each phase of an emergency. Tools are available to prepare communication plans or use during a crisis.

The cover for the 2014 edition of the CERC Manual.

The CERC Manual describes the principles of crisis and emergency risk communication and how to address different challenges while communicating during a crisis or emergency. It provides guidance for all stages of an emergency and can be applied to any public health emergency. The manual is the basis for all other CERC materials and trainings.

The print version of the 2014 CERC manual is no longer available. You can still download the PDF version.

CERC Resources
The front side of the CERC Wallet Card that provides an overview of CERC Principles.

CERC Wallet Cards
The CERC wallet card summarizes CERC and is a quick reference for communicators during an emergency. The wallet-sized card easily attaches to an ID card and is available in English, Spanish, and French. You can order hard copies of the wallet cards by visiting CDC Publications On Demand.

CERC Hurricane Tips Thumbnail Image

CERC in a Hurricane Response (PDF)

Cover image of the document "CERC in an Infectious Disease Outbreak"

CERC in an Infectious Disease Response (PDF)

The front page of the Leaders Do and Don’t fact sheet that discusses the CERC principles within the context of leaders communicating about Zika.

Zika Risk Communication: Leaders Do and Don’t (PDF)

The front page of the Zika: How to Communicate Effectively fact sheet that discusses the CERC principles being used to communicate about Zika.

Zika: How to Communicate Effectively (PDF)

The word “risk” embedded into a maze

CDC RiskSmart™
RiskSmart™ is a system to help organizations assess, detect, and respond to reputational risks and opportunities. RiskSmart is helpful for organizations preparing for or responding to an emergency, as they must take into account credibility.