About Emergency Partners Information Connection (EPIC)

Stylized words 'Emergency Partners Information Connection'

EPIC partners with a broad array of organizations to exchange information that helps people stay safer and healthier during a public health emergency. Through EPIC’s partnerships, CDC can more effectively reach some of the people most vulnerable to public health threats.

Who EPIC Serves

EPIC works with a variety of national and international partner organizations including community- and faith-based organizations, professional associations, non-governmental organizations, and government agencies. Some of our partners also operate on a regional, local, or community level to provide services and share emergency information.

What EPIC Offers

EPIC offers webinars and newsletters with updates about public health emergencies and how to respond to them. Partners and subscribers can share the information EPIC provides to help their members, clients, and even loved ones stay safer and healthier.

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Page last reviewed: April 20, 2022