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Pocket Reference Guide for the Smallpox Vaccine Adverse Events

The Office of Public Health Emergency Preparedness of the Department of Health and Human Services, the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, and Logical Images, a developer of interactive diagnostic tools that integrate clinical photographs and medical knowledge, have developed a pocket reference guide on smallpox vaccination. The reference guide Editor-in-Chief is Vince A. Fulginiti M.D., Professor Emeritus of the University of Arizona Health Sciences University. The guide describes how the vaccine is administered and depicts both normal and adverse reactions to the vaccine. Funding to produce and distribute the pocket reference guide has been provided by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA).

The Adobe Acrobat PDF file of this brochure is for your perusal. You may make this PDF file available on your organization's web site as long as the following proviso is attached: "Logical Images has copyrighted this brochure but has granted unrestricted use of these materials to healthcare professionals for educational, training and clinical use. Commercial reproduction of the guide is not permitted. Images rendered from a PDF file, however, will not approach the clarity and quality of those in the printed reference guide. Accordingly, you are highly encouraged to obtain and distribute printed copies of the reference guide from the appropriate source (either CDC or Logical Images, Inc.)."


Download the Pocket Reference Guide Adobe Acrobat Reader (3.13 MB/2 pages)
(Feb 26, 2003)


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