Recent Outbreaks and Incidents - 2007

This page provides information on selected public health emergency topics of recent public interest. For a list of the latest updates posted on this web site, please see the What’s New page.

XDR TuberculosisMDR Tuberculosis (December 2007)
CDC is currently working on an investigation involving an international traveler to the U.S. recently diagnosed with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR TB).

Photo of ground after an earthquake.Earthquake (October 31, 2007)
A magnitude-5.6 tremor, centered about 9 miles northeast of San Jose, hit the San Francisco Bay area. CDC reminds you that by planning and practicing what to do if an earthquake strikes, you and your family can learn to react correctly and automatically when the shaking begins.

Photo of firefighter at wildfire.Wildfires (October 2007)
Learn how to stay safe when wildfires are a threat.

SalmonellaSalmonella (October 2007)
CDC is collaborating with public health officials in multiple states across the United States and with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service to investigate an ongoing multi-state outbreak of Salmonella infections in humans.

E. coliE. coli (September-October 2007)
Several state health departments, CDC, and the USDA are investigating a multistate outbreak of E. coli O157:H7 infections. On September 29, USDA issued a notice to recall of 21.7 millions pounds of frozen ground beef patties. Learn more about what CDC is doing about this recent outbreak.

SalmonellaSalmonella (August-September 2007)
Learn more about what CDC is doing to investigate the recent outbreak of Salmonella serotype Schwarzengrund associated with dry pet food.

AnthraxAnthrax (September 2007)
Recent anthrax cases linked to exposure to animal skins have spurred interest in how you can be exposed to anthrax.

Satellite photo of hurricane.Tropical Storms Dean and Erin
Learn how to keep you and your family safe during a tropical storm or hurricane.

AsbestosBridge Collapse
Find resources related to coping with and treating injuries related to the Minneapolis bridge collapse.

Asbestos found in the debris from a recent steam pipe explosion in midtown Manhattan has raised concern about the danger of exposure to asbestos. Learn more about the health effects of asbestos exposure.

Learn more about botulism associated with canned chili sauce (July 2007)

Blast InjuriesBlast Injuries
Recent events in London have renewed interest in the sort of injuries that result from car bombs. Learn more about blast injuries.

SalmonellaSalmonella Wandsworth Outbreak (June-July 2007)
Learn more about the recent outbreak of a rare type of salmonella associated with a popular vegetarian snack food.

ecoliInformation related to April-June 2007 ground beef recallsExternal
Find out which products have been recalled and what you should do.

XDR TuberculosisXDR Tuberculosis (May 2007)
Recent events involving a U.S. air traveler have sparked interest in this rare type of TB that is resistant to almost all drugs. Learn more about this disease.

Photo of firefighter at wildfire.Wildfires (March 2007)
Learn how to stay safe when wildfires are a threat.

ThalliumThallium (March 2007)
Recent events involving American tourists in Russia have focused attention on Thallium. Learn how to recognize symptoms of toxic metal poisoning.

Acanthamoeba InfectionAcanthamoeba Infection
Learn more about the serious eye infections associated with soft contact lens solution.

SalmonellaSalmonella Outbreak (Aug 2006-present)
Learn more about the current outbreak associated with peanut butter.

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