March 2, 2022

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People with Certain Medical Conditions

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CDC recently updated the list of certain medical conditions that put people at higher risk of getting very sick from COVID-19 to include additional disabilities, primary immunodeficiency, and physical inactivity. In order to make sure that each medical condition belongs on this list, CDC completed a review based on recent data.

Key Ideas:

  • The conditions on this list are in alphabetical order. They are not in order of risk.
  • Because we are learning more about COVID-19 every day, this list does not include all medical conditions that place a person at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19. Rare medical conditions, including many conditions that mostly affect children, may not be included on the list below. We will update the list as we learn more.
  • A person with a condition that is not listed may still be at greater risk of getting very sick from COVID-19 than other people who do not have the condition. It is important that you talk with your healthcare professional about your risk.

Staying up to date with COVID-19 vaccine (getting primary series and boosters) and following preventive measures for COVID-19 are important, especially if a person is ages 65 or older, immunocompromised, has severe health conditions, or more than one medical condition, or lives with someone at risk.

To learn more, visit People with Certain Medical Conditions.

COVID-19 Vaccines for People with Certain Medical Conditions

Approved and authorized COVID-19 vaccines (primary series and booster) are safe and effective, including for people with certain medical conditions. Some immunocompromised people, or people with weakened immune systems, may be eligible for additional primary doses of COVID-19 vaccine.

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