Travel Safety Precautions

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this training, learners will be able to:

  • Identify relevant online resources for travelers and clinicians.
  • List at least five ways to prevent mosquito bites.
  • Describe how to prevent sexual transmission of the Zika virus.
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  • Zika Repellent Wallet Cardpdf icon A small card with guidance on effective use of insect repellent to prevent mosquito bites.
  • CDC Travelers’ Health Website offering destination-specific vaccine and travel health recommendations, travel notices, help with finding a travel medicine provider, and other resources for travelers and clinicians.
  • Travelers’ Health Clinician Resources Resources for clinicians including clinical updates on travel medicine-related topics and continuing education courses on travel medicine.
  • The CDC Yellow Book, Health Information for International Travel published every two years as a reference for health professionals providing care to international travelers and is a useful resource for anyone interested in staying healthy abroad. The Yellow Book offers the U.S. government’s most current travel health guidelines, including pretravel vaccine recommendations, destination-specific health advice, and easy-to-reference maps, tables, and charts.
  • Resources for Travelers hosting printable fact sheets that cover more than 40 travel health topics written in plain language for the international traveler. Topics include travel health insurance, jet lag, motion sickness, cruise ship travel, and travel to high altitudes.
  • CDC Travel Notices travel health notices about disease outbreaks and international events (such as natural disasters or mass gatherings) that may affect the health of travelers. The notices include information about what the situation or health risk is, who is affected, how travelers can protect their health, information for clinicians, and links for more information.
  • CDC Traveler’s Health on Facebook and Twitter Connecting with CDC through these social media can ensure clinicians have the most update to the minute information to prevent illness and injury during international travel.
  • Pre-Travel Providers’ Rapid Evaluation Portal (Pre-Travel PREP)external icon A free clinical tool that guides health providers through preparing a US traveler for a safe and healthy international trip.
  • Zika Training for Healthcare Providers
Page last reviewed: August 23, 2018