Zika Zone

mosquito landing on skin

Where patients live and travel to can affect their chances of exposure to Zika. These two, new COCA trainings can help clinicians learn more about the Zika virus, why patients might be at risk of contracting it, and how patients can protect themselves against it.

Training Courses

Travel History Patient Assessment

Healthcare providers have an opportunity to identify individuals who should be tested for the Zika Virus due to travel in areas with Zika. This video shows how the travel history of the patient and the patient’s sexual partners play a role in deciding to test for Zika.

Travel Safety Precautions

The frequency of international travel raises the risk of spreading Zika and other diseases. Pre-travel consultation with a clinician can support safe and healthy international travel. This training explores useful online resources for travelers and clinicians to remain aware of and current risk levels around the world. It also shares information on how to avoid transmission of the disease both abroad and at home.

Page last reviewed: August 23, 2018