Smallpox Vaccination and Adverse ReactionsPublic Health Guidance for Clinicians

A Teaching Set Reviewing Key Points from the February 21, 2003 MMWR Recommendations and Reports*

This training was developed for use with Dryvax® vaccine. Another brand of vaccine, ACAM2000™, has been licensed that, while nearly identical in administration and technique, does have some minor differences; most notably the change to 15 insertions for both primary and secondary vaccinees. Healthcare providers are advised to familiarize themselves with the information in the package insert before beginning vaccination clinics: iconexternal icon.

This slide set may be used as a teaching tool on the material covered by “Smallpox Vaccination and Adverse Reactions: Guidance for Clinicians” (MMWR 2003 Feb 21;52[RR04]:1-28).* The slide set is very detailed, incorporating all slides and text from the MMWR article.

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* “Smallpox Vaccination and Adverse Reactions: Guidance for Clinicians” was originally published as an MMWR Dispatch on January 24, 2003 (MMWR 2003 Jan 24;52[Dispatch]:1-29). An updated version was published as MMWR Recommendations and Reports on February 21, 2003 (MMWR 2003 Feb 21;52[RR04]:1-28).

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