Smallpox Overview for Clinicians

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This page is intended to provide core smallpox materials to clinicians. This is not a complete listing of CDC’s resources. A more comprehensive listing can be found on the smallpox topic pages on this website. Information for the general public can be found on the Smallpox Disease and Smallpox Vaccine pages.

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Smallpox Disease

Diagnosis and Evaluation

Vaccination Contraindications

Normal Vaccination Reactions/Take Evaluations

Vaccination Adverse Reactions and Management


Specific Reactions

Thumbnail image for Erythema Multiforme
Erythema Multiforme
Thumbnail image for Bacterial Infection
Bacterial Infection
Thumbnail image for Accidental Implantation
Accidental Implantation
Thumbnail image for Vaccinia Keratitis
Vaccinia Keratitis
Thumbnail image for Eczema Vaccinatum
Eczema Vaccinatum
Thumbnail image for Generalized Vaccinia
Generalized Vaccinia
Thumbnail image for Congenital Vaccinia
Congenital Vaccinia
Thumbnail image for Progressive Vaccinia
Progressive Vaccinia
Thumbnail image for Encephalitis

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Vaccine Administration

Vaccination Recommendations and Policy

Patient Education

Frequently Asked Questions

More Information

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