Don't Forget IT staff

Donna Garland
Supervisory Health Education Specialist
Public Health Practice Program Office
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Another piece of preparation that I think about is much like an office manager or somebody to make certain the logistics flow. It's an information technology person. If you're on a 24/7 schedule, what happens when your computers go down at 11:00 p.m. on a Friday night? Have you built into your plan information technology, information resource management support that will carry you through that? That will help support you and back you up through that crisis. Have you talked that through with them? What's going to happen? Who's on call? What's the system for getting a system up and running when you run into a problem because the last thing you want to have when you're deployed and you're running off a laptop is something happen with your laptop. There's no built-in for that, so that's one of the things I think about as well running through that checklist of things I've thought about and things I've prepared for. That whole information technology thing that is such a mystery most of the time and you really don't have the energy to get caught up in, in times of emergency.